Shared Statements of Ambition in the East Midlands

Shared statements of ambition represent a powerful new consensus for the future of the historic environment in the East Midlands.  They offer good practice for managing heritage, and specific action plans for the region’s most treasured places. 

The East Midlands Heritage Forum, comprising networks of local organisations and national bodies – private, public and voluntary – has worked with 45 local authorities to identify the key local priorities for the historic environment.

The resulting shared statements help local planning authorities to develop the ‘positive, proactive strategy’ which national planning policy now expects.  They help to deliver that strategy, by bringing local and national partners together to turn those ambitions into reality. They position the historic environment to make an effective contribution to local investment plans, community strategies and Local Development Frameworks.

The shared ambitions are documented in two parts:

  • Part A: ‘Heritage Leadership’ describes the framework within which partners can work together effectively, in the context of recent political and financial changes.  Download this 12-page document.
  • Part B: ‘Local ambitions’ sets out key priorities for each local authority area, grouped into five county-related areas.  These are available from the local authority or by contacting English Heritage by or on .

As a shared enterprise, these statements of ambition are open to further development, and responsive to changes in circumstances.  They will be reviewed once a year, but please at any time if you have an update to suggest.

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