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  1. LA guidance
    Conservation Areas Advice and Guidance
    Planning implications of living within a conservation area and consent regime.
  2. LA guidance
    Windows and Doors
    Provides details on various types of windows and doors. General information on repairs, maintenance and permission.
  3. LA guidance
    Traditional Farm Buildings
    Outlines the Council's criteria for assessing proposals, lists the Council's policies relating to farm building conversion and explain good design principles that should be adopted.
  4. LA guidance
    Shop Fronts
    Provides information the maintenance and alterations suitable for traditional shop fronts, including information on planning permission.
  5. LA guidance
    Provides information on the Councils thatching policy, types of thatching and building regulations as well as general information.
  6. LA guidance
    Listed Buildings
    Provides general information on listed buildings, classification processes and what requires consent and how to obtain it.
  7. LA guidance
    Provides information on the types of signs/advertising and which policies affect them.
  8. LA guidance
    Conservation Areas
    Provides general information on Conservation Areas, brief information on demolition and article 4 direction
  9. LA guidance
    Satellite Dishes
    Provides information and guidance on adding satellite dishes to listed buildings and those in Conservation Areas
  10. LA guidance
    Landscapes from the Past: Wadenhoe
    Exploring the present and the historic landscape as seen from the mysterious "castle" mound next to Wadenhoe Church.
  11. LA guidance
    Listed Buildings in Northamptonshire
    A guide for owners of listed buildings including information on repair and maintenance, alterations, planning, legal responsibilities and grants an VAT.
  12. LA guidance
    The Battle of Naseby 1645
    One of the most important battles ever fought in this country. This leaflet attempts to reconstruct the events of 1645 when the forces of Parliament, led by Fairfax and Cromwell, defeated the field army of King Charles I
  13. LA guidance
    County Heritage Sites
    An introduction to the wide variety of properties and monuments managed by Countryside & Tourism and accessible to the public.
  14. LA guidance
    Who Looks After Northamptonshire's Heritage?
    Explains the work of the Planning, Transportation & Environment branch of the County Council
  15. LA guidance
    Landscapes from the Past: Crick and Kilsby
    From Roman Watling Street to the M1 and the rail freight terminal - explore this fascinating transport corridor on foot and see how transport and communications have developed since roman times.
  16. LA guidance
    Landscapes from the Past: Woodford (near Thrapston)
    A circular trail around the village, focusing on the still visable reamins of the historic village.
  17. LA guidance
    Landscapes from the Past: Walgrave
    A circular trail around Walgrave exploring the still visable traces of the medieval village and its landscape.
  18. LA guidance
    Hillforts of Northamptonshire
    An introduction to the Iron Age hillforts of the county and details of three hillforts which can be visited.
  19. LA guidance
    Turning the Plough
    Midland open fields: landscape character and proposals for management by David Hall
  20. LA guidance
    Policy and Guidance for Archaeological Fieldwork Projects in Northamptonshire
    Sets out the County Council's policy on archaeological fieldwork.
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