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  1. LA guidance
    Building in Harmony with the Environment
    Contains advice for the design of buildings that will lay in harmony with the environment, includings the site location, road layouts and building design aspects.
  2. LA guidance
    Hot Food Take-Aways and Other A3 Uses
    Considers listed buildings, conservation areas and shopfront design in dealing with applications for consent to operate a cafe or similar outlet.
  3. LA guidance
    Design Guide for Shopfronts & Advertisements
    A design guide to encourage and promote good practice in advertisement and shopfront design, both within conservation areas and when historic buildings area concerned.
  4. LA guidance
    Listed Buildings
    A guide for owners and occupiers of listed buildings including what they are and listed building consent.
  5. LA guidance
    Conservation Areas
    A general guide to conservation areas including what they are and development within them.
  6. LA guidance
    Design Guide for the Conversion of Farm Buildings
    A guide to the sympathetic conversion of farm buildings includings the Council's policies, architectural features and planning applications
  7. LA guidance
    Windows and Doors in Historic Buildings
    A guide to the maintainence and repair of windows and doors in historic buildings
  8. LA guidance
    Countryside Design Summary
    A guide for development in rural areas by understanding the character of the Cherwell district

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