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  1. LA guidance
    Liverpool Urban Design guide
    The design guide is about achieving quality in the built environment. It is closely related to the Government's, CABE's and English Heritage recent documents on design advice.
  2. LA guidance
    The Repointing of Brick & Stone
    A 'how to leaflet' that outlines principles and techniques and recommended spec.
  3. LA guidance
    World Heritage Site Management Plan
    Sets out the principles and objectives of the Plan in accordance with UNESCO's Operational Guidelines for World Heritage Sites, including statement of significance and ssues facing the site.
  4. LA guidance
    Conservation Areas of Liverpool
    Provides boundary maps of 34 conservation areas, list of streets within them and boundary maps of the City's Registered Parks.
  5. LA guidance
    Summary List of the City's Listed Buildings
    The contents include PRN, address, grade and date of listing
  6. LA guidance
    Grassendale & Cressington Parks Conservation Area Advisory Leaflet
    Do's and Don'ts in the conservation areas - controls and general advice. Also includes contact telephone numbers
  7. LA guidance
    Liverpool Unitary Development Plan (Chapter 7 - Heritage & Design)
    Covers the City Council's Policy in respect of heritage and design.
  8. LA guidance
    Guidelines for Streetworks in Conservation Areas
    To promote the enhancement of conservation areas through better street design and maintenance
  9. LA guidance
    Windows Advisory Leaflet
    Council Policy on replacement windows to unlisted historic buildings in conservation areas and listed buildings.
  10. LA guidance
    Liverpool's Conservation Areas
    A generic document that outlines the various periods of development for each CA and give general principles of advice and control
  11. LA guidance
    World Heritage Site Nomination Document
    Sets out the parameters for securing the nomination of World Heritage Site status

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