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  1. LA guidance
    Guide to owners of historic buildings within Dartmoor National Park
    Guidance on making alterations, repair, grant aid, wildlife on listed and historic buildings.
  2. LA guidance
    Dartmoor boundaries
    Advice on what to look for when working on boundaries - different types and periods
  3. LA guidance
    A guide to the conservation of wildlife in buildings
    Includes information on the types of wildlife to be found in buildings, how to encourage them to stay or visit and legal implications involved
  4. LA guidance
    A guide to the archaeology of the open moor
    Pictures and descriptions of the most common archaeological features on Dartmoor and to avoid damaging them. Also includes a 10 point code of conduct
  5. LA guidance
    A guide to the archaeology of Dartmoor
    To help people recognise different types of sites

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