English Heritage welcomes PPS5 the Planning Policy Statement for the Historic Environment

Converted Victorian Warehouses English Heritage welcomes the new Planning Policy Statement for the historic environment (PPS5) that has been launched today. The Government's Statement on the Historic Environment is also launched today and provides the context for PPS5 and sets out how heritage contributes to a wide range of government objectives.

PPS5 (which was consulted on under the title Draft PPS15) brings a new, integrated approach to the historic environment removing the distinction between buildings, archaeological remains and landscapes. It is a major step forward in achieving Heritage Protection Reform.

English Heritage took a lead in preparing the Practice Guide that accompanies PPS5. It explains how the policies in the PPS can be applied and explains how the historic environment should be integrated into and considered during the planning process.

In order to help people working in heritage and planning to understand the implications of the new PPS, English Heritage is organising workshop events across the country and providing additional guidance online.

Baroness Andrews, Chair of English Heritage, said: "We are delighted to welcome the publication of this vital new planning guidance on heritage protection (PPS5).  As the Government's statutory adviser for the historic environment, English Heritage has made significant contributions to the drafting of PPS5 and we are pleased that the Government has taken the time to listen to the views of many different stakeholders and that their input has significantly influenced the final text.

"We fully support the principles contained in PPS5 which clearly recognises the vital social, economic and environmental benefits of all heritage assets and maintains the robust framework of heritage protection.  In addition, the PPS brings heritage planning guidance into line with wider changes to planning legislation and English Heritage's own best - practice and allows for simpler, more transparent decisions which reflect the significance of the asset and its setting.

"The publication of PPS5 is a milestone in the positive and proactive management of the historic environment. It represents a major leap forward for England's programme of Heritage Protection Reform and will help to make better, more sustainable places."

English Heritage has arranged free workshop events across the country to share understanding and to support anyone involved in the planning system including local authority planning and heritage officers, Civic and Amenity Societies and private sector developers.

For further information please see PPS5 pages.

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