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  1. LA guidance
    A Design Guide for Shopfronts
    A guide to traditional shopfront design and advice on the key features
  2. LA guidance
    New Uses for Old Buildings - A Guide to Their Conversion
    Guidance and advice on converting old redundant buildings so they can be used for new purposes. Advice includes the criteria and buildings suitable for conversion.
  3. LA guidance
    Conservation Areas
    Advice and guidance on conservation areas including what they are, and the planning implications that apply.
  4. LA guidance
    So You Own a Listed Building?
    Advice and guidance for owners of listed buildings including information about financial aid and listed building consent.
  5. LA guidance
    Conservatories on Listed Buildings and Buildings of Character
    Advice and guidance on adding conservatories to listed buildings including the planning requirements and considerations
  6. LA guidance
    Register of Craftsmen
    A list of craftsmen within the Northamptonshire area such as Blacksmiths, Stone Masons & Building Conservation.
  7. LA guidance
    King's Cliffe / Duddington / Easton-on-the-Hill and Collyweston Conservation Areas
    A guide to these conservation areas included permotted developement, the duties of owners and occupiers and guidelines on features such as extensions & satellite dishes.
  8. LA guidance
    Listed Buildings in Northamptonshire
    A guide to listed buildings including legal responsibilities, planning guidance, alterations and looking after listed buildings.
  9. LA guidance
    Thrapston Conservation Area
    A guide to the Thrapston conservation area including eligible properties & works and how to apply for grants and listed building consent.
  10. LA guidance
    Conservation Areas Planning Controls
    A guide to conservation areas including what they are, the effects of designation and the permission needed for development
  11. LA guidance
    Historic Building Grants
    A guide to the grants scheme including how to apply for listed building consent.
  12. LA guidance
    Building on Tradition
    A guide to character areas incluidng design implications and the re-use of traditional buildings
  13. LA guidance
    Register of Thatches
    A guide to registered thatches within East Northamptonshire
  14. LA guidance
    Village Design Statement
    A guide to the village design statements including the objectives and Council support
  15. LA guidance
    Highway Signs: Environmental Code of Practice
    A code of practice for the design, sitting and sizes of traffic signs - aimed at reducing their environmental impact.
  16. LA guidance
    Derbyshire Stone Slate Roofs
    General guidance for owners of historic buildings including a brief history of the craft , quarrying, and how to proceed with a roofing project.
  17. LA guidance
    Traffic Calming & Visual Amenity
    A code of practice for the sensitive design and location of traffic calming schemes to reduce their environmental impact.
  18. LA guidance
    Conservation Areas Directory
    A set of small scale maps of all 200+ conservation areas
  19. LA guidance
    Repointing Your Building
    Advice on material and techniques for stonework repointing.
  20. LA guidance
    Sources of Building Stone for use in Derbyshire
    A schedule of quarries in and around Derbyshire which can supply suitable stone for building and landscaping.
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