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  1. LA guidance
    Archaeology & Planning in Derbyshire
    A guidance note which explains how archaeological implications of planning applications are dealt with in Derbyshire
  2. LA guidance
    Derbyshire Detail and Character
    A generously illustrated book which highlights and celebrates distinctive local building characteristics
  3. LA guidance
    Repointing of Stone and Brickwork
    Advice on materials and techniqes for stone and brickwork repointing
  4. LA guidance
    Derbyshire Stone Slate Roofs
    Technical advice and model specification for Derbyshire stone slate roofs
  5. LA guidance
    Listed Buildings - A Guide for Owners and Occupiers
    Explains the statutory basis for listed buildings and the implications for owners and occupiers in respect of the associated legislation.
  6. LA guidance
    Listed Buildings and Conservation Area Guidance
    Informs owners of listed buildings and, buildings in conservation areas as well as appliacants of the legislation and traditional methods of repair.
  7. LA guidance
    A Guide to the Effect of Conservation Area Designation
    Informs residents in conservation areaso f what the effect of conservation area designation means for them.
  8. LA guidance
    Non Designated Heritage Assets: Criteria
    Outlines the council's criteria for identifying non designated heritage assets
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