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  1. LA guidance
    Archaeology & Development Supplementary Planning Guidance
    This Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) will help Exeter City Council, developers and property owners to work together to ensure that proper processes are followed when making applications for planning permission, listed building and conservation area consent.
  2. LA guidance
    Listed Buildings
    Guidance on what listed buildings are and what this means, along with information on the grant scheme.
  3. LA guidance
    New Work in Conservation Areas
    Design guide dealing with new build, replacement buildings, extensions, street scenes and suitability of materials
  4. LA guidance
    Wildlife and Development
    A design guide for wildlife when developing
  5. LA guidance
    Landscaping on Development Sites
    A design guide for landscaping
  6. LA guidance
    Design & Conservation in the South Hams
    A brief guide to the principles of sorting new designs to their setting
  7. LA guidance
    Listed Buildings in South Hams
    A guide to what listing means
  8. LA guidance
    Traditional Farm Buildings in South Hams
    Design guide with regards to adaptation and re-use of farm buildings
  9. LA guidance
    Thatch in Devon
    A guide to thatching methods including guidance on listed buildings, building regulations and the laws that apply.
  10. LA guidance
    Countryside Stewardship and the Historic Environment
    Advice on incorporating archaeological information in countryside stewardship schemes.
  11. LA guidance
    Protecting Devon's Historic Environment: Devon County Council's Role
    An explanation of the various kinds of archaeological / historic building importance and Devon County Council's role
  12. LA guidance
    The Human Habitat: Devon's Historic Environment
    An explanation of Devon County Council's strategy and objectives for the historic environment
  13. LA guidance
    New Farm Buildings in Devon
    Guidance on new farm buildings including when in close proximity to historic groups
  14. LA guidance
    Guide to owners of historic buildings within Dartmoor National Park
    Guidance on making alterations, repair, grant aid, wildlife on listed and historic buildings.
  15. LA guidance
    Dartmoor boundaries
    Advice on what to look for when working on boundaries - different types and periods
  16. LA guidance
    A guide to the archaeology of the open moor
    Pictures and descriptions of the most common archaeological features on Dartmoor and to avoid damaging them. Also includes a 10 point code of conduct

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