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  1. LA guidance
    Conservation in Essex (No.7): Conservatories and Historic Buildings
    Guidance on the design of new conservatories and garden rooms for listed buildings
  2. LA guidance
    Conservation in Essex (No.6): Signs and Lettering
    A guide for lettering on signs to enhance the character of the build environment
  3. LA guidance
    Listed Buildings
    Provides advice on listed buildings including repairs, grants and services.
  4. LA guidance
    Trees and Development Sites
    A advice and guidance for the development of sites that contain trees including the conditions of planning permissions.
  5. LA guidance
    Pointing with Lime Mortars
    Practical guidance on the use of lime and pointing practice
  6. LA guidance
    Shopfronts & Advertisements - Design Guidelines
    A guide to the design principles and policies for the design of shopfronts and advertisements.
  7. LA guidance
    Guidance Notes for Owners of Listed Buildings
    Guidance notes for owners of listed buildings
  8. LA guidance
    Listed Buildings, A Short Guide
    What is a listed building; how are listed buildings graded; how is a building listed and the effects of a listing
  9. LA guidance
    Altering a Listed Building, A Short Guide
    The effects of a listing; undertaking work on a listed building and applying for listed building consent
  10. LA guidance
    Conservation Areas in the Basildon District
    Short descriptions of each of the Conservation Areas, advice on Conservation Area consent and minor developments
  11. LA guidance
    Basildon District Council Development Control Guidelines
    General guidance on development control issues, including advertisements and shopfronts in Conservation Areas
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