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  1. LA guidance
    Local Lists
    What is a local list and what this means for owners - how the list is compiled, protection, permission and consent
  2. LA guidance
    Living in a Conservation Area
    What is a conservation area and what this means for residents - what is protected, where the areas are, consent and permissions
  3. LA guidance
    Your Listed Building and You
    What is a listed building and what this means for owners - what is protected, responsibilities, consent and permission
  4. LA guidance
    Babergh Local Plan Alteration No. 2, Second Deposit Draft
    Emerging local plan (public inquiry from September 2004) - planning policy
  5. LA guidance
    Buildings at Risk, Suffolk
    Historic buildings at risk in Suffolk (all grades)
  6. LA guidance
    Babergh Local Plan
    Adopted local plan - planning policy
  7. LA guidance
    Ten Years On: a Decade of Conservation in Sudbury 1989-1999
    A celebration of 10 years of grant-aided conservation and enhancement work in Sudbury, Suffolk
  8. LA guidance
    SPG Shopfronts
    Supplementary planning guidance on design of shopfronts
  9. LA guidance
    SPG Thatching in Babergh
    The use of different types of thatch in the district

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