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  1. LA guidance
    Heritage Strategy
    Recognises the importance of the local heritage and identifies the broad array of heritage assets, ranging from historic buildings and conservation areas to museum, library and other collections.
  2. LA guidance
    The Construction of Hardstandings and Vehicular Cross-Overs
    Design Guidance Note 3 - provides general guidance the position and design of driveways for resident buildings. Also provides advice on when consent is required.
  3. LA guidance
    The Selection and Siting of Satellite Antennae
    Design Guidance Note 2 - provides general guidance and guidelines on siting satellite antennae on listed & historic buildings
  4. LA guidance
    Extensions to Houses
    Design Guidance Note 5 - design guidelines, different designs and advice of how to apply for planning permssion
  5. LA guidance
    Advertising and Signs
    Design Guidance Note 1 - provides general guidance and guidelines on the design of shopfront advertising and how listed building consent affects it.
  6. LA guidance
    Listed Building Consent - Guidance Notes
    Provides general advice on how to apply for listed building consent and conservation area consent including a checklist.
  7. LA guidance
    Watling Estate Conservation Area
    Provides a background to the conservation area and advice on how this affects extensions and alterations to buildings within it.
  8. LA guidance
    Design Guidance Note 11 - provides advice on various types of development within Barnet including different types of porch extensions
  9. LA guidance
    Walls, Fences and Gates
    Design Guidance Note 9 - provides advice on various types of developement within the Borough
  10. LA guidance
    The Removal or Alteration of Chimney Stacks
    Design Guidance Note 4 - provides the principles of good design and the effects of listed building consent and conservation areas
  11. LA guidance
    Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings in Barnet
    A general guide to the conservation areas and listed buildings within the Borough

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