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  1. LA guidance
    Do I need permission to cut down my tree?
    A guide to the controls of tree felling, including tree preservation orders, conservation areas, planning conditions and felling licences.
  2. LA guidance
    A guide to types, planting and maintenance of hedges.
  3. LA guidance
    Tree Preservation Orders
    A guide to tree preservation orders; what they are, how they are made and the owner's responsibilities
  4. LA guidance
    Conservation Areas
    A guide to conservation areas; what they are, the restrictions that apply and the grants available
  5. LA guidance
    The Conversion of Traditional Historic Farm Buildings
    A guide to the conversion of traditional historic farm buildings and the planning permission needed.
  6. LA guidance
    Reclaimed Building Materials
    A list of reclaimed building materials companies within the Broadland District Council area.
  7. LA guidance
    Repairing Historic Buildings
    A guide to repairing historic buildings and the materials to use.
  8. LA guidance
    The Conversion of Traditional Farm Buildings
    A technical advice note on the conversion of traditional farm buildings.
  9. LA guidance
    Native Shrub and Tree Growth Patterns
    A guide to native shrub and tree growth patterns
  10. LA guidance
    A guide to the craft of thatching and the materials used.
  11. LA guidance
    Listed Buildings - A Guide for Owners and Occupiers
    A guide to what listed buildings are, what restrictions apply to them and how to apply for Listed Building Consent
  12. LA guidance
    Glass in Historic Buildings
    A guide to the conservation and repair of glass in historic buildings

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