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  1. LA guidance
    Conservation Areas: Advisory Notes to Residents
    A guide to conservation areas including advice on hose extensions, roofs, rooflights, replacement windows & doors and demolition
  2. LA guidance
    Roof Repairs to Historic Buildings
    A guide to roof repair in historic buildings including how to identify your roof type, when to repair and how.
  3. LA guidance
    Repair and Maintenance of Stone Buildings
    A guide to the sympathetic repair of stone buildings and includes advice on how to maintain the building to prevent future problems.
  4. LA guidance
    Windows in Historic Buildings
    A guide to the repair and replacement of windows in historic buildings.
  5. LA guidance
    Repointing Brick and Stonework
    A guide to repointing including advice on the typical weathering and repair of lime mortar joints and repointing procedures.
  6. LA guidance
    Preservation & Repair of Timber Framed Buildings
    A guide to the repair of timber framed building including identifying failures and the appropriate method of repairing them.
  7. LA guidance
    Historic Building Grants
    Describes the criteria for applying for a historic building grant and includes the form that needs to be completed.
  8. LA guidance
    Article 4(2) Directions: Advisory Notes to Residents
    Describes the effects of Article 4(2) and how it applies to 4 conservation areas within the Borough
  9. LA guidance
    Doors and Porches on Historic Buildings
    A guide to the repair and replacement of doors and porches on historic buildings including the history of door design

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