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  1. LA guidance
    Conservation Areas in North Norfolk: A general guide
    A general guide for those who live, work, or intend to carry out development within a conservation areas. Clarifies reasons for designation, explores implications and explains how areas are managed.
  2. LA guidance
    North Norfolk Design Guide
    An all encompassing guide to all aspects of design including conservation areas, listed buildings, conversions, commerical design and materials.
  3. LA guidance
    Green Build: Information Sheet 1 - Building with lime
    A brief introduction to building limes, their uses, the types of lime commonly available, and where they may be obtained.
  4. LA guidance
    Listed Buildings in North Norfolk: A guide for owners and occupiers
    General advice to those responsible for Listed Buildings and those considering purchasing or developing Listed Buildings. Clarifies the listing process and explains the implications of a property being listed.
  5. LA guidance
    Replacement Windows
    General advice on appropriateness of replacement windows and explains when formal approval is required by the Planning Authority.

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