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  1. LA guidance
    Windows and Doors
    Provides details on various types of windows and doors. General information on repairs, maintenance and permission.
  2. LA guidance
    Traditional Farm Buildings
    Outlines the Council's criteria for assessing proposals, lists the Council's policies relating to farm building conversion and explain good design principles that should be adopted.
  3. LA guidance
    Shop Fronts
    Provides information the maintenance and alterations suitable for traditional shop fronts, including information on planning permission.
  4. LA guidance
    Provides information on the Councils thatching policy, types of thatching and building regulations as well as general information.
  5. LA guidance
    Listed Buildings
    Provides general information on listed buildings, classification processes and what requires consent and how to obtain it.
  6. LA guidance
    Provides information on the types of signs/advertising and which policies affect them.
  7. LA guidance
    Conservation Areas
    Provides general information on Conservation Areas, brief information on demolition and article 4 direction
  8. LA guidance
    Satellite Dishes
    Provides information and guidance on adding satellite dishes to listed buildings and those in Conservation Areas

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