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  1. LA guidance
    Listed Building Consent: Supporting Information
    Intention is to make explicit information required (and why) in support of applications for listed building consent. Part of drive to improve quality of submissions.
  2. LA guidance
    Forthcoming Conservation Areas
    Definition, what it covers, additional controls. List of designated conservation areas. Compliments more specific conservation area character appraisals
  3. LA guidance
    Criteria for Listing
    Criteria used. Briefly explains the reason and implication of listing. It also sets out the procedures involved
  4. LA guidance
    The Care & Repair of Earth Structures
    Advice on the care and repair of chalk cob - basic do's and don'ts.
  5. LA guidance
    Listed Building Consent Procedures
    This note serves to explain the processes and procedures involved when dterming applications for listed building consent.
  6. LA guidance
    Listed Building Consent
    This guidance note seeks to briefly explain what listed building consent is and the approach required when considering making an application.
  7. LA guidance
    Listed Building: Implications of Ownership
    Briefly to explain the implications of owning a listed building. It sets out the responsibilities and strives to dispel some of the common misconceptions
  8. LA guidance
    Archaeological Planning Requirements
    Explanatory guidance on the information needed to be provided in relation to project designs and specifications for archaeological work.

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