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  1. LA guidance
    Building Recording and Development Control
    Explains what is meant by Building Recording, its purpose, who can do it and where it should be safely deposited when completed.
  2. LA guidance
    A Guide to External Alterations to Your Property - For Residents of Shrubbery Avenue Conservation Area
    Provides advice and guidance for altering properties within the conservation area. Includes names and addresses of contractors and building suppliers.
  3. LA guidance
    A Guide to the Design of Hanging Signs for Worcester
    Advice on different styles of hanging signs and which ones are appropriate for the area.
  4. LA guidance
    Conservatories and Listed Buildings
    General advice on installing conservatories on listed buildings including different styles.
  5. LA guidance
    Living Over The Shop
    Advice for converting vacant space above shops into residential areas and how to overcome problems of access and fire escape.
  6. LA guidance
    Satellite Dishes and Television Aerials
    General advice leaflet on the best locations for satellite dishes and aerials on residential buildings.
  7. LA guidance
    Designated Conservation Areas in Worcester
    Brief introduction to conservation areas within Worcester including a map of where they are.
  8. LA guidance
    Historic Building Repair Grants
    Advice and guidance on what grants are available, what they are for and how to obtain them
  9. LA guidance
    Security of Commerical Premises in Historic Buildings and Areas
    Advice different types of security measures and information on which one are sympathetic to historic buildings
  10. LA guidance
    Listed Buildings - An Introduction
    Advice on what listing means and how it affects residents and owners
  11. LA guidance
    Telecommunications Microwave Antennas
    Advice on fixing to buildings in Conservation Areas
  12. LA guidance
    Security Alarm Boxes
    Advice for fitting security alarms and possible alternatives to alarm boxes
  13. LA guidance
    Planning Policy for Archaeology and Development
    Information on which parts of Worcester are covered by the policy and how it affects development
  14. LA guidance
    Listed Building Consent
    Explains what listed building consent is and provide guidance for applicants
  15. LA guidance
    Conservation Area Consent
    Advice on what conservation area consent is and guidance for applicants

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