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  1. LA guidance
    Conserving Portsmouth's Heritage
    General information on the heritage of the area, ancient monuments, listed buildings and conservation areas.
  2. LA guidance
    Shopfronts and Signs on Historic Buildings
    Provides design guidance for those intending to make alterations to shopfronts in historic buildings.
  3. LA guidance
    Historic Building Grants
    Guidance on what historic building grants are available and how to apply for them.
  4. LA guidance
    Windows in Historic Buildings
    Introduction to the maintenance, repair or replacement of windows in historic buildings
  5. LA guidance
    Portsmouth's Conservation Areas
    Guidance on what conservation areas are and the regulations that apply to buildings within them.
  6. LA guidance
    Listed Buildings
    Introductory guidance on what listed buildings are and the restrictions that apply to them.
  7. LA guidance
    Roofs on Historic Buildings
    A general guide to the appropriate works and materials to use on the roofs of historic buildings
  8. LA guidance
    Boundary Treatments to Historic Buildings
    Guidance on appropriate boundary styles and materials for historic buildings
  9. LA guidance
    Front Doors in Historic Buildings
    Guidance on the repair and replacement of front doors in historic buildings

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