Boscombe Pier

Region: South West

Owner Type: Local Authority

Summary: Restoration and improvement of pier head buildings associated with public realm enhancement, including additional development and the creation of a breakwater for a new water sports venue.

Description: The resort of Boscombe lies just to the east of Bournemouth on the Dorset coast. The original Boscombe Pier was built in 1888.  The Pier was eventually sold to the Bournemouth Corporation in the early 1900’s and a pier head was added in 1926.
Issue: Deterioration in the condition of Boscombe Pier meant it faced an uncertain future.  When new plans were put forward to redevelop the pier it was important to ensure that its historical character was maintained whilst finding ways to make better use the structure and surrounding area for the local community.
Strategy: Spot listing of the pier head ensured that the key historical features were protected.  English Heritage also worked with the local authority to develop a revised scheme for the pier to generate an improved package of benefits associated with its development.
Outcome: The development created a new use for the pier head building and the revised scheme was considered an improvement by the local authority.  The resulting development will create a new use for the pier, creating new community and recreational facilities and bringing wider tourism and regeneration benefits.


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