Civic Square, Crediton

Region: South West

Funding Body: English Heritage

Summary: The development of the civic square in Crediton has seen the rejuvenation of this historic market town and the relocation of the town’s fire station to a more suitable site.

Description: Crediton is a historic market town in Devon. 
Issue: To help with the renaissance of the town and to meet contemporary aspirations, the town needed a new town centre that would enhance the historic character of the town whilst providing a new urban space to meet the needs of contemporary residents.  This also entailed moving the local fire station to a more suitable location.
Strategy: English Heritage worked in partnership with the local authority, providing funding to support the regeneration of this historic area as well as statutory advice on the proposed works.
Outcome: The resulting scheme better meets community aspirations identified in the community plan.  It has helped to revitalise the area and contributed to its physical and economic regeneration.  The project has also helped to raise the profile of the town.

Keywords: Grants; preservation and maintenance; regeneration; re-use

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