Elmbridge Boarding School, Fyfield, Essex

Region: South East

Local Authority: Epping Forest

Summary: Elmbridge Boarding School, Fyfield was erected in 1884 and listed Grade II.

Description: A recording condition was attached to the listed building consent to convert Fyfield School into flats.
Issue: Much of the internal evidence relating to the former school would be lost during its conversion and this was a final opportunity to examine the layout of the building and how its development reflected changing educational practices.
Strategy: Through a careful analysis of the fabric, together with the limited documentary record, a detailed understanding of room function and the circulation patterns for both children and staff was developed. Surveillance was an important means of controlling behaviour and a number of observation portals survived.
Outcome: The interpretation benefited from an access analysis which showed the pattern of movement through the building and the relationship between those areas occupied by staff and children.


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