The Palace, Knottingley and The Empire, Moorthorpe, West Yorkshire

Region: Yorkshire and the Humber

Summary: A record was made of these two unlisted early-20th century cinemas to fulfil the requirements of a recording condition attached to the planning permission for their residential conversion.

Description: Although much has been written on the history of cinemas, only a small number have been subject to a detailed architectural and archaeological analysis.
Issue: Through a combination of drawn and photographic survey, historical research, oral testimony and consultation with local historians, it was possible to gain an understanding of the form and function of each building, their technical and mechanical arrangements, decorative schemes and subsequent development.
Strategy: An important part of the analysis was to consider the architectural, urban and social context of the cinemas and the emotional impact that such a building had on those using it.
Outcome: As well as placing copies of each survey report in the local Historic Environment Record, the information has been published in a volume of papers which seek to contribute towards a research framework for industrial archaeology in Britain.


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