Golf in historic parks and landscapes

Golf front cover English Heritage’s position statement on golf in historic parks and landscapes includes criteria for assessment of proposals, design and management principles, guidelines for design and management, and advice on full planning applications.

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Detailed guidelines

There are 10 guidelines on the design and management principles introduced in the English Heritage position statement on golf:

  • Detailed guideline 1: course layout and density (1.78MB)
  • Detailed guideline 2: landform (2.06)MB
  • Detailed guideline 3: buildings, car parks and circulation (1.79MB)
  • Detailed guideline 4: trees and new planting (2.42MB)
  • Detailed guideline 5: furniture, paths and lighting (2.93MB)
  • Detailed guideline 6: bunkers (1.79MB)
  • Detailed guideline 7: grassland management (2.03MB)
  • Detailed guideline 8: water bodies and irrigation (2.44MB)
  • Detailed guideline 9: landscape management (1.98MB)
  • Detailed guideline 10: the wider historic landscape character (1.94MB)
  • References and contacts (1.37MB)

Related advice and guidance

    The UK government’s online planning and building regulations resource for the public, professionals, local planning authorities and government.
  • Planning and Development in the Historic Environment: A Charter for English Heritage Advisory Services (2004, PC 509094)
    This document sets out the role of English Heritage in initial or pre-application advice and statutory and formal advice
  • Enabling Development and the Conservation of Heritage Assets (2001) PCX20173)
    This document sets out English Heritage’s policy statement and guidance on assessing enabling development applications.
  • The planning system and related guidance
    This document is about golf course development in historic parks and landscapes. It  gives examples of local planning authority policies, highlights aspects of national planning policies and historic environment designations, landscape characterisation, conservation statements and conservation management plans, environmental impact assessment, conditions and planning obligations.
  • Understanding historic park design
    This document provides a synopsis on park design and key characteristics for each historic period.
  • Golf courses as designed landscapes of historic interest 
    This abridged report by the European Institute of Golf Course Architects was prepared for English Heritage to inform its own publications.
  • Conservation Principles, Policies and Guidance for the Sustainable Management of the Historic Environment. (2007 PC 51221)
    This document provides guidance on how to make decisions about the historic environment and balancing protection with economic and social needs.
  • Trends and impacts
    This document summarises trends in golf course developments and potential impacts for the historic environment.

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