Why your authority should appoint a Heritage Champion

Local authorities play a crucial role in the protection and management of the historic environment. They own and manage historic properties, parks and public spaces, they grant-aid their restoration and refurbishment, while they are also central to the management of change in communities across the country in their roles as planning authorities.

Heritage Champions provide leadership, help join up policy and strategy across departments and, by encouraging a greater focus on the historic environment, bring significant benefits for a local authority and its community. The case studies show the kind of areas where Champions can make a difference.

Take a look at Your Heritage Needs You for further information on why your local authority should appoint a Champion.

Why is the historic environment important?

The historic environment can have a profound effect on how people view the place in which they live. It can:

  • Act as a cornerstone for regeneration projects
  • Underpin local employment and attract inward investment
  • Provide distinctive and vibrant retail environments
  • Create greater community cohesion and social inclusion
  • Offer a local educational resource

In short, a well cared for and managed local historic environment improves everybody’s quality of life.

Information on the different ways the historic environment can contribute to a place can be found in a number of guidance documents published by English Heritage on this issue. These include:

  • Conservation Principles
  • Regeneration and the Historic Environment
  • Local Area Agreements and the Historic Environment
  • Low Housing Demand and the Historic Environment
  • Regeneration in Historic Coastal Towns
  • Suburbs and the Historic Environment

Additional publications can be found in the guidance section of this site.

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