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  1. Staircase House, Stockport, Manchester
    Staircase House, Stockport, Manchester
    Listed Grade II*, the 15th century Staircase House underwent extensive conservation and restoration works between 1994 and 2004. Utilising previous research, a detailed appraisal was undertaken in 1994–5 to provide an initial understanding of the building to inform a major programme of repair.
  2. Staircase House
    Staircase House
    Stockport Council embarked on a major long term initiative to rescue this whole town block containing 6 listed buildings. The project has been a model of partnership between the Council, main contractors and funding partners, rescuing a very significant building through a combination of public subsidy and local management, to provide a resource for public use and appreciation.
    Display and Interpretation, Repair, Reconstruction, restoration, Grants

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