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PDFMaking the Most of Your Local Heritage: A Guide for Overview and Scrutiny Committees (686 Kb)

PDFMaking The Past Part Of Our Future: English Heritage Strategy 2005 - 2010 (1559 Kb)

PDFManagement of Research Projects in the Historic Environment: The MoRPHE Project Managers’ Guide (1731 Kb)

PDFManaging Earthwork Monuments - Appendix (210 Kb)

PDFManaging Earthwork Monuments - Introduction (1367 Kb)

PDFManaging Earthwork Monuments - Section B (495 Kb)

PDFManaging Earthwork Monuments - Section C (1640 Kb)

PDFManaging Heritage Assets (568 Kb)

PDFManaging Lithic Scatters: Archaeological guidance for planning authorities and developers (770 Kb)

PDFManaging Local Authority Heritage Assets Leaflet (442 Kb)

PDFManaging local authority heritage assets. Some guiding principles for decision-makers (8481 Kb)

PDFMarine Aggregate Dredging and the Historic Environment (2003) (3415 Kb)

PDFMetal Windows (646 Kb)

PDFMicro wind generation and traditional buildings (1085 Kb)

PDFMicrogeneration in the Historic Environment (770 Kb)

PDFMilitary Aircraft Crash Sites. Archaeological guidance on their significance and future management (2445 Kb)

PDFMilitary Wall Art. Guidelines on its significance, conservation and management_2004 (321 Kb)

PDFMineral Extraction and Archaeology: A Practice Guide (2317 Kb)

PDFMineral Extraction and the Historic Environment (1533 Kb)

PDFMoats, Ponds and Ornamental Lakes in the Historic Environment (2729 Kb)

PDFMoving Towards Excellence in Urban design and Conservation_2003 (364 Kb)

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