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PDFParadise Preserved: An introduction to the assessment, evaluation, conservation and management of historic cemeteries (6021 Kb)

PDFParadise Preserved: Registered cemeteries in date order with notes on principal reasons for designation and designers and architects (226 Kb)

PDFParadise Preserved: Updated list of cemeteries included in English Heritage’s Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest (January 2011) and the register criteria (217 Kb)

PDFPark Keeper, The (1047 Kb)

PDFPiling and Archaeology (2652 Kb)

PDFPillars of the community: The transfer of local authority heritage assets (3782 Kb)

PDFPorts: the impact of development on the maritime historic environment (428 Kb)

PDFPractical Conservation Guidelines for Successful Hospitality Events in Historic Houses (648 Kb)

PDFPractical considerations for the design and implementation of refurbishment projects of historic school buildings (7145 Kb)

PDFPresentation of Historic Building Survey in CAD 1 of 2.pdf (949 Kb)

PDFPresentation of Historic Building Survey in CAD 2 of 2.pdf (737 Kb)

PDFPrinciples of Conservation Practice: Engineering the past to meet the needs of the future (705 Kb)

PDFProduction of Wall Painting Conservation Documents. Practical information leaflet 1_2002.pdf (153 Kb)

PDFProtected Wreck Sites At Risk: A Risk Management Handbook (537 Kb)

PDFProtocol for the Care of the Government Historic Estate (2556 Kb)

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