Regeneration in Coastal Towns

Weymouth Harbour
Weymouth Harbourmaster House

The coastal communities of England reflect its history as an island and maritime nation. They have been shaped by the way in which the sea and the coast have provided jobs, wealth and enjoyment, either through trade, industry or leisure. The consequence is a coastal historic environment rich in unique and distinctive character.

However, the decline of traditional coastal industries in the second half of the 20th century created in some areas economic and social problems more readily associated with the inner city. Many coastal local authorities continue to grapple with these problems today.

English Heritage has recently completed and published research on the history and evolution of the English seaside town and its architecture, entitled England’s Seaside Resorts. Separately, we have also undertaken a project looking at the challenges and opportunities facing local communities and the historic environment in coastal towns. This has resulted in two reports which can be found on this web page. Together, they demonstrate the way the historic environment is an adaptable and powerful resource offering a platform for economic, social and environmental sustainability. It can enhance and complement regeneration strategies to help create a sustainable and dynamic coastal economy fit for the challenges of the 21st century.

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