Streets for All

Simple paving complements the adjacent buildings and vista. Appledore
Attractive streets and places encourage walking. Bristol

Streets are the foreground of our buildings and the backdrop to everyday lives.  Yet England’s streets are increasingly cluttered with a proliferation of traffic signs, bins, bollards, guard rails and street furniture.  This results in streetscapes that are both unsightly and lack character.  Co-ordinated action is needed to reverse this decline.

Retaining historic features keeps individuality of a street and helps to create a sense of place.  Well designed, well ordered and well maintained streets are an expression of a confident and caring community.  Chaotic and cluttered streets are a symptom of a community in decline with low self-esteem.  Investing in quality solutions reduces maintenance costs and makes cleaning easier.

Save our Streets

English Heritage Save our Streets campaign, in conjunction with the Women’s Institute (WI), aimed to raise awareness of the deterioration of England’s Streets, and encouraged WIs and other groups and members of the public to complete an audit of their local streets to send to local councillors to let them know of public concern about the quality of the local environment. 

In September 2004 English Heritage produced a Streets for All Summary which sets out the principles of good practice for street management.

Guidance for Practitioners

In 2005 regional Streets for All: Guidance for practitioners was produced by English Heritage, in conjunction with the Department for Transport. These regional manuals are aimed at all those involved in the design and management of streets.

In 2008 English Heritage published 10 Streets For All: Practical Case Studies. These showcase the best ‘how to’ examples of councils who have taken the initiative to deal with a particular aspect of street clutter.  Aimed at local authorities and highways engineers, each leaflet contains detailed advice on issues to be considered and procedures to go through and lists relevant documents and legislation. 


To support the Streets for All: guidance for practitioners English Heritage continues to hold training events when demand requires and will develop further training to underpin the new Streets for Al: Practical Case Studies.  Check the HELM training pages for more information.

What's New?

Simple paving complements the adjacent buildings and vista.  Appledore Attractive streets and places encourage walking.  Bristol