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Home Information Packs and Traditional Buildings

Art & Crafts It is now compulsory for anyone selling a house to put together a Home Information Pack (HIPs) for potential home buyers. Further information about Home Information Packs can be found at www.homeinformationpacks.gov.uk.

The Pack includes recommendations for carrying out energy efficiency improvements. 

Most traditionally constructed homes are capable of improvement and English Heritage supports the Government’s aims to improve energy efficiency in buildings. However it is important that work is planned and carried out carefully if unintended harm to the building is to be avoided.  English Heritage has therefore produced three guidance notes to offer advice to Home Inspectors and Energy Assessors on assessing the energy performance of traditionally constructed and historic homes. 

  • Energy Performance Certificates for historic and traditional homes
  • Advice for Domestic Energy Assessors
  • Understanding SAP Ratings for historic and traditional homes

Although Home Inspectors and Energy Assessors have been specifically trained, the recommendations that they produce are based on a number of assumptions about historic and traditional buildings which may be inappropriate and will certainly not contain the level of detailed survey that is needed before making specific recommendations. In addition, many of today’s modern construction methods and materials are unsuitable for older buildings and if thoughtlessly applied could not only destroy important features, they could ultimately lead to damp and condensation problems. 


English Heritage would welcome feedback, especially from Domestic Energy Assessors, on the applicability of Energy Performance Certificates and the SAP process to historic and traditional buildings. We will not be able to reply substantively to comments received or offer advice on individual cases, but we will use any feedback to revise these guidance notes.

Please send any comments to or by post to:

Mohammad Samin,
Home Information Packs,
Conservation Department,
English Heritage,
, London, EC1N 2ST

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