Microgeneration and the historic environment

The Government wishes to encourage microgeneration and in April announced changes to permitted development rights for microgeneration, for both householders and commercial property, making the installation of microgeneration equipment easier. Climate change, and the actions required to mitigate it and adapt to it, will have a significant effect on the historic environment. Policy formulation in this area is innovative and may have implications for the perception of the historic environment sector by Government.

This policy position statement on microgeneration, aimed at property owners and local planning authorities, helps them determine whether the installation of equipment is likely to be acceptable in relation to the historic environment. By helping owners and local planning authorities come to a balanced view on the acceptability of proposals, English Heritage will help to ensure minimal long term damage to the historic environment is caused.

The document provides building owners with guidance on the issues they need to consider when thinking about installing microgeneration equipment, before they have met a manufacturer/installer and had a system designed for their property. It complements the publications on energy conservation and micro wind generation produced by Architectural Conservation, and available from www.climatechangeandyourhome.org.uk.

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