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  1. Anfield and Breckfield
    Anfield and Breckfield
    The conjoined suburbs of Anfield and Breckfield represent just a small part of Liverpool and Merseyside. They evolved from a semi-rural villa community to densely built-up residential suburb by the end of the 19th century.
  2. Heughscar Close, Pooley Bridge, Cumbria
    Heughscar Close, Pooley Bridge, Cumbria
    Heughscar Close is an affordable housing scheme in Pooley Bridge. The design of the scheme has clearly drawn on the local vernacular to provide a scheme that fits well within the village.
  3. Ambleside Methodist Church
    Ambleside Methodist Church
    Adaptive re-use of the former Methodist church has provided fifteen affordable homes.
  4. Staircase House, Stockport, Manchester
    Staircase House, Stockport, Manchester
    Listed Grade II*, the 15th century Staircase House underwent extensive conservation and restoration works between 1994 and 2004. Utilising previous research, a detailed appraisal was undertaken in 1994–5 to provide an initial understanding of the building to inform a major programme of repair.
  5. Whitefield, Nelson, Lancashire
    Whitefield, Nelson, Lancashire
    Conservation-led sustainable regeneration in a low demand area.
  6. Selwyn Street, Oldham
    Selwyn Street, Oldham
    Re-development of unsatisfactory modern terraced housing to provide new sustainable homes.
  7. Staircase House
    Staircase House
    Stockport Council embarked on a major long term initiative to rescue this whole town block containing 6 listed buildings. The project has been a model of partnership between the Council, main contractors and funding partners, rescuing a very significant building through a combination of public subsidy and local management, to provide a resource for public use and appreciation.
    Display and Interpretation, Repair, Reconstruction, restoration, Grants
  8. Heaton Park
    Heaton Park
    Manchester City Council took a strategic approach to the problems presented by a large private estate with many ornamental buildings, which had been in use as a municipal park for nearly 100 years. The Councils Historic Landscape Regeneration Masterplan outlined an ambitious regeneration strategy and helped unlock funding for improvement to the park. Innovative new uses and management arrangements have now been found for the buildings, and exemplary standards of repair have been implemented with the help of Heritage Lottery Funding.
    Management Plans, Repair, Reconstruction, restoration, Re-use
  9. Anderton Boat Lift
    Anderton Boat Lift
    The Anderton Boat Lift is a Victorian marvel of engineering. It has been restored and given a new use, thereby securing its future and providing economic and social benefits.
    Repair, Reconstruction & Restoration, Research & Archives, Sustainability
  10. Guidance for Historic and Listed Building Owners
    Guidance for Historic and Listed Building Owners
    Vale Royal Council has published a booklet entitled 'Guidance for Historic and Listed Building Owners' (2002), which gives advice on the repair and maintenance of historic properties. This booklet was sent to the owners of every listed building in the Borough in order to provide consultation, education and assist them in looking after their own properties.
    Designation, Education and Outreach, Publication
  11. Force Crag Mine
    Force Crag Mine
    Investigation and analytical field survey by English Heritage of the abandoned mining complex improved understanding of its historic development in advance of a possible disaster, informing subsequent management decisions and also serving as an exemplary piece of research into mining complexes in general.
    Disaster Management, Management Plans, Research & Archives
  12. St Annes on Sea Seaside Resort
    St Annes on Sea Seaside Resort
    St Anne's on Sea- reinvigorating a Victorian seaside resort through the aid of Heritage Economic Regeneration Scheme (HERS).
    Funding, Regeneration, Repair, Reconstruction & Restoration

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